Paul and Silas, sitting in the prison house having been wrongfully accused, beaten, and chained, lifted up their voice in prayers and in praise (Acts 16:19-36). Despite their current predicament, or whether they felt it or not, their love for God ran deeper than their emotions, physicality, and status. Because they lifted up their voice in song, the foundations of that prison were shaken. Both their chains and their fellow prisoners’ chains were loosed, and in the end… a soul was saved. Their example has set the foundation for this FUPC Music Department as a ministry.

Whether through vocals, musical instruments, supervising sound, providing lyrics, or demonstrative silent praise (worship in ASL), our collective ministry is key for creating an atmosphere of liberty for the manifestation of God’s divine Will (2 Cor 3:17). By doing so, we prepare both saints and sinners alike, in advance of, and for the most important part of each service… the effective ministry of God’s spoken Word.

In the presence of God the unthinkable and supernatural takes place; chains are broken, hearts are mended, and spirits are lifted. We, as individuals unify as a collective team to willfully praise and declare the greatness of our Lord Jesus Christ through music and song, but it is also with our daily and personal relationship with God that we utterly surrender our will to His in worship. In this manner, we truly submit ourselves as vessels for Him to use through our musical skills and assistive talents.

As a music department, our mission is simply the above; and if we are able to touch but one soul in presenting and representing Jesus Christ, then we are indeed, serving our purpose as a ministry. We pray you are blessed by our service and welcome to the FUPC Music Department!

Ruth Jackson, Director of Music