Salvation Made Simple

Salvation Made Simple is a 4-part Bible study written by our very own Bishop Jackson. This bible study was given to him by God through Spiritual “trial & error” during the teaching of bible studies from May – December 1994. During that time, God taught him how to present the Plan of Salvation: repentance, baptism in Jesus Name, receiving of the Holy Ghost, and who is Jesus Christ. With this simplified biblically inspired word of God Bible study, 30 families were added to the church in that year, over 50 people prayed through to the baptism of the Holy Ghost in his home, and numerous others were baptized in Jesus Name. From that time to present he, as well as many others who have used this Bible study, have taught and won many people to the Lord.

The CD of the SMS Bible study is $45 (plus shipping) and it includes audio of each lesson as well as word documents with the study material that can be printed.If you would like to purchase a copy of Salvation Made Simple, you can email Andrew DeLaRosa for more information.